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AAMP Insights: September 2023 Topic: Newsletter Strategies

Hello AAMPers,

Here are a few articles on successful newsletter strategies that caught our attention this month.

Newsletter Strategies to Build Retention, Trust and Revenue

As newsrooms look to win the attention of readers amid social media changes, solid newsletter strategies are essential. Earlier this year, participants in an API Tech Talk on engaging news readers amid social platform flux expressed interest in putting resources towards newsletters to connect with readers. Newsletters can serve as community builders and a connector between audiences and newsrooms. Establishing a strategy can help you set goals and quantify success — or even determine whether a newsletter is a good fit for your audience.


30 Ideas to Improve Your Newsletter This Year

Want to Take Your Newsletter to the Next Level in 2023? Here are 30 tips to try.

You’ve got a newsletter, and you want to make it better this year. Great — let’s talk about some practical steps you can try to take your newsletter to the next level in 2023.


23 Newsletter Ideas To Engage Your Subscribers in 2023

Are you washed up and out of ideas on what to write about in your newsletters?

Constantly coming up with new ideas in marketing can be a draining task, and running out of ideas is inevitable at that point. But, don't worry, we've got you covered. We have curated a list of exciting newsletter ideas that will hook your subscribers. Let's dive in!


September Newsletter Ideas to Engage Your Readers (+tips and examples)

Many marketers believe that September newsletter ideas are limited to back-to-school and fall themes. In reality, while back-to-school and fall topics are popular, September offers a diverse range of content options.

From major international celebrations to less popular occasions, this article will show you a variety of engaging September newsletter ideas that go beyond the typical choices.

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