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AAMP Insights: May 2023 Topic: Subscriptions & Emails

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Hello AAMPers,

Here are a few articles that caught our eye this month on subscriptions and emails.

3 Ways to Drive Sales With Email

Is your email marketing not yielding the results you were hoping for? These three tactics will help you make more sales with your emails.

It’s one of the most popular marketing and sales channels, but email isn’t as easy to leverage as it seems. For your emails to convert, it takes more than writing a few lines and hitting send. Everything plays a role in your email success, from the health of your email database to your copywriting skills.


How to Send More Emails and Grow Your Subscriber List

Are misconceptions holding back your email marketing campaigns? Learn a better approach to build your subscriber base. In this article, we’ll look at:

  • What misconceptions are holding email marketers back.

  • A better approach to email campaigns.

  • How to build your subscriber base.

  • The benefits (including some under-appreciated ones) of getting email right.


8 Marketing Email Mistakes You Must Avoid to Reach Your Goals in 2023

Marketing emails are a powerful way to reach out to customers and prospects. But they can also be a prime source of frustration for recipients who don’t want to be bombarded with marketing messages.

A mistake is a mistake only if we don’t learn from it. But email marketing mistakes can be disastrous.


Weathering the Storm: How Subscription Publishers are Navigating Economic Instability

As 2023 unfolds, publishers’ businesses continue to face headwinds driven by inflation, escalating recession fears, and general economic instability.

Toolkits examined how leading publishers are adjusting their subscription tactics and approaches to shore up their businesses as uncertainty persists.

The resulting report, “Weathering the Storm”, explores the measures publishers are taking to drive ongoing subscription success despite challenging market conditions.

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