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Join AAMP!

AAMP – The Association for Audience Marketing Professionals – is a non-profit organization dedicated to the audience marketing industry. Our mission is to educate and connect audience development and marketing professionals.

AAMP Membership is FREE for audience marketing professionals. Be in the know for audience marketing events, information, education and networking, AAMP Membership Benefits

  • EDUCATION. Attend AAMP webinars and events to learn from industry experts.  

  • NEWS.  Receive our monthly newsletter that covers hot topics for all experience levels.  

  • NETWORKING. Whether at events or our active LinkedIn group, talk to other audience professionals and vendors for advice, feedback, and discussions. 

  • VALUE. AAMP is an easy and budget-friendly way to stay on top of audience marketing developments, meet and engage with colleagues, and continue learning–no matter your experience level.  

Members tell us their AAMP connections have led to better business decisions, long-term vendor relationships, and career connections!


Level Up Your Audience Marketing

Here are some resources to get you started:


Connect with Your Peers In-Person

Get the latest on audience marketing

On-Demand Learning at Your Fingertips

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