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AAMP Insights: November 2023 Topic: CX Trends

Hello AAMPers,

Here are a few articles on CX Trends that caught our attention this month.

The 10 Most Important Customer Experience (CX) Trends In 2024

The key to CX is maximizing the effectiveness of all of these factors at every stage of the customer journey. In 2024, CX will continue to take on new meaning as it becomes a strategic priority for all businesses. Here, I highlight the ten key trends that will drive it.


What to Expect of the Customer Experience (CX) in 2024?

Overall, the significance of customer experience has reached new heights, and companies that place it at the forefront of their strategies are better poised for success. 

With these considerations in mind, let's explore the top 8 customer experience strategies that may emerge as trends in the coming year.


Building Customer Experience for the Future

Winning companies have deployed these capabilities to great effect. But these innovators are few and far between. For most businesses, competing with this group will take dramatically rethinking the customer experience—and making the necessary investments to achieve this goal.


Customer Journey Orchestration. What is it and how does it work?

Customer journey orchestration (CJO) software lets marketers connect real-time data points from across channels, touchpoints and systems, allowing users to gain insights into the customer journey over time. 

This gives marketers the data they need to analyze the customer journey. 

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